Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder - Junee Prime Lamb
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Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

0:25 Prep  | 4-6 hrs Cook  |  6 Servings  |  Easy


1 lamb shoulder

1-2 bulbs garlic

Approx. 20 stalks of rosemary

Olive oil

Salt & pepper


Pre-heat the oven to the highest setting.

Lay half the rosemary stalks and garlic cloves in the bottom of a roasting dish. The garlic doesn’t need to be peeled and is delicious as an accompaniment to the meat.

Place the lamb shoulder on top of the rosemary & garlic. Score the lamb and season with olive oil, salt & pepper.

Lay the remaining rosemary and garlic on top of the lamb.

Completely seal the roasting dish with a lid or wrap in foil.

Place in the oven and immediately reduce heat to 170C for a minimum of 4 hours. If you have more time, reduce heat to 150-160C and leave in oven for 6 hours. The lamb is ready when it easily pulls apart with a fork.

Chef Notes

This lamb shoulder dish works with either a bone-in or boneless shoulder. It is super easy to prepare and you can make the end result as special or simplistic as you like. It is also easily re-heated, so a great dish to take to a gathering or drop off to someone in need.

It’s delicious served with wilted greens, spiced lentils and roast vegies, but also equally delicious on a bread roll with mint jelly & rocket. Shred the meat to add to soups or throw in a salad. The options are endless!

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